Cattlestops / Cattlegrids - NZ manufacture and delivery nationwide.

Cattlestops manufactured and delivered across New Zealand.

Kiwi Cattlestops manufacture and deliver high quality cattlestops throughout New Zealand. Established in 1994, Kiwi Cattlestops are well known as the brand leader for cattlestops (also known as cattlegrids) throughout NZ. We lead the market in single pipe technology, a system that allows individual pipes to be removed in seconds. Widely accepted to be the future of cattlestop design, single pipe technology is but one of the technical details that we have developed to ensure that Kiwi Cattlestops offer the best performance and value for money on the market.

Manufactured at two sites across the North and South Island, we deliver cattlestops nationwide.

Key Features
  • Proven on dairy and dry stock farms, quarries,¬†forest and public roads
  • 24 tonne axle loading per high tensile pipe
  • Large drainage holes, double up as culverts and lifting points
  • Suitable for moderate gradients
  • Installs in approx 2 hours
  • Five year guarantee

Suitable for use on farms and lifestyle blocks, Kiwi Cattlestops meet Council and Dairy Company Standards. Ideal for keeping stock from straying onto public roads, helping to protect you from liability under the Animals Law Reform act 1989.

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